About me

If you can imagine it, I can build it.

About Me

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) from SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas, Tx. I have now been consulting and building websites and custom solutions for over 15 years.

In my spare time I like to teach yoga and travel. I have now taught yoga workshops in over 10 countries around the world. I've traveled to 25 countries now and have friends and clients all over the world. Working as a freelancer allows me to work from anywhere in the world.

What I Do

I am a web developer based in Dallas, Tx. I work with small to mid-sized businesses to bring them the best possible solution for their web-based needs. I have over 20 years of experience and can guide you through the entire web development process so we can finish your project on time and on budget.

If you are searching for custom PHP development, Wordpress development, web maintenance, or mobile backend development then you are in the right place.

My list of clients includes Yoga Teachers & Yoga Studios, Luxury Resorts, Lingerie Retailers and much more... I provide web development services to customers all over the world. Feel free to contact me to get your project started today.

Custom Application Development
Wordpress Development
Mobile App Backend Development


Below is a list of my core offerings. Please feel free to contact me to start a project,
inquire about my services or to request a quote

Custom Web Application Development
If you can imagine it I can build it. From on-line stores to your own custom social networks. If you can describe it to me I can turn it into reality.
Mobile Backend Development
Mobile apps are the way to go these days and with growing amounts of data, speed, scalability, and performance are of the utmost importance. I partner with agencies to deliver the backbone of any mobile app.
Wordpress Development
Wordpress is the most popular website hosting platform because it allows fast development, easy content management, and easy growth.
API Integrations
Integrate using the Infusionsoft API, Mindbody API, Google APIs, Youtube API, Amazon APIs, and many more.
Database Development
Implement, maintain, or optimize your database solutions to satisfy your needs.
Increase your visibility on the internet.